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Digital Temperature Indicator : Industrial use, Heavy Duty, 24×7 working, one year Warranty for Digital Oven Controller call Us : 8178668698, 9310530941

Humidity Meter / Humidity Controller to check or control % Humidity. while for oven there is Oven Controller / meters available. Digital Oven Controller to control Oven Temperature as well as time of baking. On Delay Timer / Off Delay Timer / Cyclic Timer / digital Timer etc to measure time and control process. And for measure temperature Digital Temperature Controller / Temperature Indicator are introduced. Two Hand Operating Systems for mechanical power press, digital display for GO and NO/GO gauge, Digital Display with Alarm and Marking For Good and Bad Parts, Digital Preset Counter, IR Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Digital Counter, Digital Counter with Timer, Batch Counter, Laser Sensor, etc ;

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First of all we discuss about Digital Temp. Indicator; Mfg. by MCS. M / s Machine Control Systems (MCS) is a reputed brand in Faridabad / Gurgaon / Delhi NCR. Event its products are very popular in haryana. It start production in year 1996. because in the field of mfg. Digital Meter. Like wise Counter / timer / sensor / display and control  etc. All these products with digital display. Here 7 segment LED display are mostly used.

Because temperature meter is used to read Temperature.  Hence Temp. Indicator used to display heat in almost industry. Likewise in bakery / Chem. / Food / Process industry. Also in Zinc / Nickel / Powder Coating / Plating etc. Similarly Digital Temperature Indicator / meter used in SST Chambers. While it connect to Panel.  After Consider above all Now. Finally we discuss about Feature also

similarly temperature controller are used to control heat off any chamber / oven / etc. It has relay contact to ON / OFF the heater / burner / etc used. mainly temp. controller used to maintain temp. with in required limits. hence set points available for High / low set limits.

while Mechanical instruction :

* Ambient temp. near the temp. Indicator must not exceed the limits
* The temp. Indicator should  installed in state must be protect static / magnetic / fields.

Hence we Discuss  Electrical Instructions :
* The temp. Indicator must be wired as per diagram; and comply with local electric rules is most important.
* The electrical noise inductive loads etc. for the reason that
might create fluctu ation in display / latch up / data loss / damage.

now further more Features: Temperature Indicator # Digital temperature meter Faridabad # Digital temperature Controller Faridabad # Digital temperature Indicator Faridabad

Digital Temperature Indicator is design to monitor and analyse

  • Accurate Temperature display Finally
  • Hence 3 digit 7 segment display
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy to operate
  • Hassle free performance

Hence we Discuss Other Details:

  • Accuracy : ± 2 Degree Celsius temp. 
  • Display: 3 Digit LED 0.56 inch height
  • Range: 000 to 1200 Celsius
  • Calibration : from front panel push button
  • Supply: 180 V AC ~ 270 V AC at 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Enclosure : Plastic (ABS) Fire Retardant
  • No of Display : Digital Double Display
  • Type : J / K / Rtd. / Pt. 100 Type
  • Size : 96 x 96 mm depth 155 mm

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ABOUT Machine Control Systems (MCS) :

Machine Control Systems (MCS) is a well-known and reputed brand in Faridabad / Gurgaon / Delhi NCR. Even its products are very popular in nearby industrial area. MCS has started its production in year 1996. Because there was a blank in decade of 90’s. In the field of mfg. electronic digital meters and sensors. Its mfg. unit cum office settled in Tirkha colony Ballabgarh since 1996. MCS is a tinny / small scale industry but In decade of 90’s its products were popular in all over India,Even India’s reputed companies were the costumers of Machine Control. And its products were demanded from all over India. Because that was the time when Automation and robotics was surprising product for Indian industry. And there was no stockiest / supplier / manufacture of such products in India.

Products and technology :  Likewise MCS products are good looking best in design and technology. MCS has updated its technical staff with day to day growing technology and advancement. Max. MCS products are developed on Microchip Technology of PIC controllers.  All meters and Controllers are designed with digital display. Here 7 segment LED display are mostly used.

Other products of Machine Control Systems are

MCS introduce a range of its products. Like safety sensors / safety barrier sensors / Safety light curtains /  safety sensor etc. To protect human body / human parts from hazardous equipment. In case while any type of object / body part reached with in the range of these sensors. It used to stop the machine / generate alarm signal.

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Human / Workmen Protection Instrument

We know that Safety sensors / Safety barrier sensors  / Safety light curtains / Safety sensor are used to protect. Human body / Human parts from hazardous equipment machine operations. It used to stop the machine or generate alarm signal in case any object or body part reached within the range of these sensors.

Safety Light Curtain Working

There are 3 parts in all first of all curtain. These curtains are different in size. Which depends upon require protecting height or covering height. It my be 12 inch to 28 inch depends upon end user requirement. These curtain operates by 24 VDC supply. Similarly it generate 24 VDC signal to Control unit. These curtain may provide + 24 VDC signal to PLC. This signal used in PLC as Command.  Second is Control unit it operates 220 VAC. It provide potential free NO / NC contact for next operation

PH Value of Solution

Digital ph Meters / Digital pH Controllers, mainly used to check ph. value of any solution. Hence these digital electronic pH meters having calibration facility for 4 ph. and 7 ph. std. solutions. Hence PH Controller suitable for Maintain ph value of solution with in range required. Two settable screws are provided to set Required range. Upper limit and lower limit. Because of separate relay contact for both side dosing pump connection.

 TDS Value Of Water : 

While TDS Meter used to check water hardness / total dissolved salt.  Hence TDS means impurity of various metals in water. Similarly dust or salt in water increase TDS of water. Above all means TDS meter Shows parts per million. Its measuring unit is P.P.M.

While T.D.S. Controllers used to Control T.D.S. of water. It may be within limits as per required by user. Hence T.D.S. meter mainly used in Salt Spray Chamber. Maintain TDS value of water in Cooling Towers. R.O. water / distillation / food / process Industry / D.M. Water Plants / Chemical Industry Etc.

All Products are 24×7 Industrial use, Heavy Duty, one year Warranty for Digital temp. Indicator call Us : 8178668698, 9310530941


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