Dosing Pump in Faridabad

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Dosing Pump / Chemical Dosing Pump / Electronic Dosing Pump / Dosing Pump Faridabad

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  1. Cabinet: Dimension 96x96x115, Color Black, Panel Mountable
  2. Supply: 220VAc, Single phase with neutral
  3. Min Dozing 20 ML per Kilowatt per Hour
  4. Max Dosing 6 Liter per Kilowatt per Hour
  5. Sensor: Load Calculating approximation
  6. Out Put: 220VAc, single phase with neutral
  7. Display: Double Display

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of all we discuss about Dosing Pump in faridabad offered by MCS. We all Know that Dosing pump is a small / liquid lifting pump. It is designed to a very precise flow rate of a chemical / substance into either a water, steam or gas flow.Dozing Pump in faridabad

Further more Machine control system is the leading in supply of  Dozing Pumps. Hence our Offered dosing pumps are available in numerous specifications. In order to meet several demands of clients. These dosing pumps are develop by our experts. Hence we are Utilizing the best technology & components in accordance with the demand of industry.

There are 4 different types of dosing pumps. While they vary in their action and pumping mechanism. and are suited to various type applications. pressures and chemicals.

While we discuss about dosing pump. We have a concept to dose a chemical in a solution. Hence we have to put a sensor in solution. While other end of sensor to be connect with meter / Controller. The meter may be a pH Meter or Timer or Load Meter. Always we dose the chemical as per Time / pH Value / KWAH etc.

Therefore we supply solenoid operated pumps.  Working principle # chemical dosing pump # dosing pump 6 LPH # dosing pump Gurgaon # dosing pump delhi

  1. Set Quantity to be dose into Plating Tank in ML
  2. Dozing per Ampere Hour to be settled manually as per specification by supplier of chemical
  3. Calculates total metal consumed during plating process and dose the required quantity automatically

Technical specification chemical dosing pump # dosing pump 6 LPH # dosing pump for chemical # dosing pump Controller

  1. Cabinet: Dimension 96×96
  2. Color Black / white
  3. Supply: 220 VAC, Range 180 VAC ~ 270 VAC
  4. Min Dozing 5 ML / Kw. / Hour
  5. Max Dosing 6 Ltr. / Kw. / Hour
  6. Sensor: as per Load connected
  7. Out Put: 220 VAc, Range 180 VAC ~ 270 VAC
  8. Display: Double Display  Dosing Pump in Faridabad

Hence we used Upper 3 Digits to show calculation of running KWAH. Further Lower 3 Digits for Preset Value of KWAH. Easy 4 buttons also used for Programming of controller.

Panel Box

  1. Fabricated by MS sheet 1.2 mm
  2. Powder coated / as per user preference

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