Digital Timer in Faridabad

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Digital Timer / Digital ON Delay Timer / Digital OFF Delay Timer / Cyclic Timer

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Voltage 230VAC
Display Type Digital / Double Display
Brand MCS
Minimum Quantity 1 Piece
Packing Type Box
Model MCS DT 242
Type 7 segment LED
Panel Cut Size 94 * 94

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First of all we discuss about Digital Timer in faridabad. because Digital timer used to measure time intervals. because it keep track of time / to trigger an action / to start time once trigger by an action / or both. Some products programmable. while some of them thumb wheel type. In addition to the number and type of functions, these devices differ in terms of time range settings. After above all we discuss about. 

Most importantly Safety instruction On delay timer # off delay timer # digital cyclic timer # digital timer Gurgaon # digital Timer Noida # digital timer Ghaziabad # digital double display timer # Digital Timer with Memory # Timer Counter # On Delay Timer

All Safety instruction appearing here must be followed to ensure safety of the operator as well as the unit. other wise may be cause of serious loss.
while Mechanical instruction :
* Ambient temperature surrounding the timer must not exceed the maximum specified limits
* The timer in its installed state must be protected against static or magnetic fields.

Hence we Discuss  Electrical Instructions :
* The timer must be wired as per wiring diagram & it must comply with local electrical regulation.
* The electrical noise generated by switching inductive loads.for the reason that
might create fluctuation in display / latch up / data loss / damage.

now further more  Its Salient Features Include :

  • 7 segment display 3 / 4 digits.
  • Bright red LED with Relay operation
  • On delay / Off delay / cyclic / single shot
  • Time setting by Up / Down switches.
  • Pulse / Sensor operated mode.
  • Setting Mill. sec. / Second / Min. / Hour
  • 40 year Guarantee of memory 
  • Non volatile memory chip
  • Front Reset / Start terminals at rear.
  • Soft push membrane switches.
  • Color : Black / White
  • Size : 96 x 96 / 48 x 48


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Automatic Timer # Digital Timer # On delay Timer # Of  Delay Timer # Cyclic Timer

All the above words are common in use. All means a timer use for work. hence each timer has separate use. It Depends on function required. Each timer has separate function. Hence ON Delay / OFF Delay / Cyclic are timers function. Off delay means relay OFF after time. ON delay means relay ON after Time. While Cyclic Means repeat the time ON / OFF.

Above  all in are settable in one timer. Offered by MCS. You just select the option and relax. Hence no Need for separate timer for each.

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All the above are most products supply by MCS. We made easy meter for industry use. Hence you have to just tell us. We have the Solution. You give just us Idea. We serve a digital meter for you. Similarly use our meter and forgot. Hence we assure you about quality of our products.

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