Digital Temperature Controller Faridabad

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Digital Temperature Controller Faridabad

Industrial use /  Heavy Duty; working : 24×7 ; Warranty : one year

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Humidity Meter / Humidity Controller to check or control % Humidity. while for oven there is Oven Controller / meters available. Digital Oven Controller to control Oven Temperature as well as time of baking. On Delay Timer / Off Delay Timer / Cyclic Timer / digital Timer etc to measure time and control process. And for measure temperature Digital Temperature Controller / Temperature Indicator are introduced. Two Hand Operating Systems for mechanical power press, digital display for GO and NO/GO gauge, Digital Display with Alarm and Marking For Good and Bad Parts, Digital Preset Counter, IR Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Digital Counter, Digital Counter with Timer, Batch Counter, Laser Sensor, etc ;


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first of all we discuss about Digital Temperature Controller Faridabad; Mfg. by Machine Control Systems MCS. because Temperature Controller is used to control Heat. so just set it and relax…

MCS offer best quality Meters. Hence you just set temp. required it will ON / OFF heaters automatically. while we touch sensor to heating object. Other end of Sensor to be connect. With meter to read the value.

Hence Temp. Controller used to maintain heat in almost Industry. Like wise bakery / Chem. / Food industry. And Zinc / Nickel / Powder / Coating / Plating etc. Similarly Digital Temp. While Temp. Controller connect to Panel.  after Consider above all Now. Finally we discuss about Feature also

Used to Operate Oven

  • Set Temp. using up / down button
  • Maintain Heat with in range
  • ON / OFF Relay with accuracy 
  • Relay contact or ON / OFF ; heater / burner

While Oven Controller used to maintain temp. and below Alarm / Hooter / Buzzer at end of Baking Time. Hence it is very useful. You just install it and relax……….

mostly used in place of temp. controller and timer two items

Baking Oven / Heat  Chamber / Drier Oven etc.

there fore used to  maintain temp. and time

now further more Features:  Digital Temperature Controller in Noida # Digital Temperature Controller in Ghaziabad # Digital Temperature Controller in Sonipat # Digital Temperature Controller # Digital temperature Controller in Faridabad # Temperature Controller in Delhi # Digital Temperature Controller in Gurgaon #

  • Accurate Temperature display Finally
  • Hence Calibration facility on front; up / down Button.
  • Hence Set Relay ON / OFF
  • while    Bright Red LED display / relay
  • likewise Soft Touch Push switch

Hence we Discuss Other Details:  

Digital Temperature Controller

  • Set Heat Required
  • Set Relay ON / OFF ;
  • Accuracy : ± 2 Degree Celsius temp.
  • Display: 3 / 4 Digit LED 0.56 inch height
  • Range: 000 to 1200 degree Celsius
  • Calibration : from front panel; up / down push buttons
  • Relay Out put : Contact 5 Amp at 220 Volt AC
  • Supply: 180 V AC ~ 270 V AC at 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Case : Plastic (ABS) flame Proof
  • Type : Digital Double Display
  • Size : 96 x 96 mm depth 155 mm

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Other Products of MCS are as given here. pH Meters / pH Controller / pH meter for Auto dosing of chemical etc. Hence we use a sensor to read value. other end of sensor connect to meter. and Dosing pump to be connect with relay point.

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