Digital TDS Meter Faridabad

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Machine Control Systems, a reputed brand in field of Digital Meters, Electronic Controllers, Sensors, we have specialty for design and manufacture digital Electronic Controllers with Display as per requirement of end users

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first of all we discuss about Digital Meter for water hardness Faridabad mfg by Machine Control Systems. because Digital TDS Meter is used to check water hardness / total dissolved salt.  Hence TDS means impurities of various metals in water. Similarly dust or salt in water increase TDS of water. Above all means TDS meter Shows parts per million / PPM. Likewise R.O. Plant / DM Water Plant / Distilled water plant used for water softness. Similarly TDS Controller used to detect PPM and Start Distillation. While TDS Controller connect to Panel.  after Consider above all Now. Finally we discuss about Feature also

Used to Distillation most importantly, TDS Controller #Digital TDS Meter Faridabad# Digital TDS Controller in Faridabad # TDS Controller in Delhi # TDS Meter in Gurgaon # TDS Controller in Noida # TDS Meter in Ghaziabad # TDS Meter in Sonipat

  • Set PPM using up / down button
  • Maintain TDS with in range
  • Sensor to Read PPM

hence Digital TDS Meter used to check PPM.  therefore it is very useful

R.O. Plant / DM Water Plant / Distilled water plant etc.

therefore used to  maintain TDS accurately

now further more Features: TDS Controller #Digital TDS Meter Faridabad# Digital TDS Controller in Faridabad # TDS Controller in Delhi # TDS Meter in Gurgaon # TDS Controller in Noida # TDS Meter in Ghaziabad # TDS Meter in Sonipat

  • Accurate TDS display Finally
  • Hence   Calibration facility on front Buttons.
  • likewise Pleasing Touch Push switches

Hence we Discuss Other Details:

  • Set TDS Required
  • Time in Second / Minutes set able
  • Accuracy : ± 2% PPM. 
  • Display: 4 Digit LED 0.56 inch height
  • Range: 0000 to 9999 PPM
  • Calibration : from front panel push buttons
  • Supply: 180 V AC ~ 270 V AC at 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Enclosure : Plastic ABS
  • Type : Digital Double Display
  • Size : 96 x 96 mm depth 155 mm

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MCS offered digital meter to check hardness of water. In term of Particles per million PPM. We sell panel mounted / Table Top / Lab Grade meter for water hardness.

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